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July 2021

How to Avoid the Top 8 Home Inspection Mistakes

Once you’ve had an offer accepted on your dream house, you’ll probably be anxious to move in. However, before you make a large financial commitment, it’s best to know exactly what you’re buying.


A home inspection is a professional, in-depth examination of the property’s structures and systems. It’s a worthwhile investment that can save you money in the long run. However, some buyers make mistakes during the inspection process that cost them time and money and lead to unnecessary stress.


MISTAKE 1: Skip Your Own Inspection

Conduct your own visual assessment, even before you put in an offer.1 Are there visual signs of water damage? Cupping or cracking roof shingles? Is the home well maintained? Consider the overall condition of the property BEFORE you submit an offer, and factor in repairs and updates you know you’ll need to make.

MISTAKE 2: Hire the Cheapest Inspector

Before you hire an inspector, do some research.2 Contact at least two or three to compare not only price, but also levels of experience and service. Ask around for recommendations. Verify their certifications and credentials. Find out what is (and what isn’t) covered in the inspection and if they utilize the latest technology. Ask to see a sample report.

MISTAKE 3: Miss Attending the Inspection


Make every effort to be on-site during the inspection. This is a great opportunity to shadow the inspector (without getting in his/her way), ask questions, and gather knowledge about your new home.

MISTAKE 4: Skim Over the Report


When you receive the inspection report on your property, read it over carefully so you don’t miss anything important. Now is the time to address your areas of concern. You have a limited window of time to request repairs and/or negotiate the selling price.

MISTAKE 5: Avoid Asking Questions


Some buyers are too embarrassed to ask questions when there’s something they don’t understand. But remember, the inspector is working for you. Speak up now or risk regretting it later.

MISTAKE 6: Expect a Perfect Report


No house is perfect. And with around 1600 items on an inspector’s checklist, don’t be surprised if yours uncovers a large number of deficiencies.3 The key is to ask questions so you can separate the minor repairs from the major ones.

MISTAKE 7: Forego Additional Testing

Sometimes your inspector will recommend hiring a specialist (e.g. electrician or structural engineer) to evaluate a potential issue.4 While it may be tempting to avoid the extra expense, doing so could cost you a fortune in future repairs.

MISTAKE 8: Skip Re-inspection of Repairs

It’s always wise to have negotiated repairs re-evaluated by your inspector, even if there’s an additional charge.5 Some sellers will try to save money by cutting corners or doing the work themselves. Ensure repairs are done correctly now so you aren’t paying to redo them later.

We Can Help


If you’re in the market to buy a home, we can help you navigate the inspection and all the other steps in the buying process … at no cost to you! Tap into our expertise to make the right decisions for your real estate purchase. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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